Apocalypse: Earth is a miniatures based tabletop wargame set in a dark alternate timeline where history has taken a bleak turn and an infinitely more devastating Second World War has unleashed destruction and torment on mankind.. The world is riven by warfare and horrific new technologies are deployed as battles rage unceasingly around the globe.


The rules can be applied to battles involving squad, platoon and company sized units, and can be extended to cover battalion and even brigade group combat given enough time, space and participants..

Q) What do I need to play?

A) The rulebook (which includes all necessary counters, templates, army lists and cards to get started), approximately 20-50 figures per side depending on game size, and about half a dozen six sided dice.

Q) How long does the game take?

A) Between 40 minutes to 4 hours depending on the size of the battle (and the stubborness of the players!)

Q) What do the combat rules cover?

A) Fire and movement, cover, close combat, morale, fire supposrt, airstrikes, prisoners, vehicles, communications.. pretty much everything.

Q) How long is the rulebook?

A) 94 pages of combat rules, army lists and backstory depicting the world's descent into a dystopian nightmare.. includes illustrations and examples to help with resolving disputes and all the necessary counters, cards and templates.

Q) What scale is this for?

A) Any scale, but the distances are calibrated for 20mm (also known as 1/72, 1/76, HO/OO scale) - troops and vehicles in this scale are cheap and easy to collect and convert.





PDF download - £5.99


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